Acid Storage Tank Manufacturers


In the plant territory where there is incessant openness to acids and different chemicals, care ought to be taken for appropriate capacity and treatment of these acids to stay away from any unfortunate accident. We are a main manufacturer of acid storage tanks who offers modified storage tanks understanding the requirements of the client.

We offer a range of horizontal and vertical acid storage tanks to store the acid. Our excellent manufacturing of the tanks prevents the leakage of acids, dissipation, and spilling. For inside shed installation, we fabricate tanks from unique polypropylene sheets. For open air installation, we offer a particular HDPE (High Density Polyethylene tanks) and UV safe polypropylene tanks. To suit the particular industrial necessities, we additionally fabricate FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) tanks.

Acid Storage tanks by us are robust constructions outfitted with venting system for letting out acid fumes. Our designs are strong, spill verification, erosion safe, require zero upkeep, and are ideal for static just as dynamic storage facility.


Designed to store high concentrated and exceptionally forceful acids like HCl and sulphuric acid.
Tanks are designed utilizing rules of DVS standards.
Capacities range from 1 KL to 100 KL.
Redone to suit space requirements; horizontal and vertical tanks.
Produced using high quality UV protected polypropylene sheets or HDPE.
Butt combination joints for all intents and purposes making it a single piece.
Additional protection at bottom and middle of the tank.


Long life of the tank
Free from support
Dimensions are modified to suit the plant conditions
Fitted with all accessories that included level screen, pressure relief system, and so forth
Easy to migrate
Simple to clean and maintain


Materials of construction - most tanks holding sulfuric acid are made of carbon steel or stainless steel because of their capacities to oppose the corrosive's destructive nature. Different components that assume a part in material choice include tank size, costs, wanted acid quality, corrosive fixation, and capacity temperature. To guarantee you're choosing the awesome and most secure materials of construction, collaborate with a tank fabricator who understands which materials can best withstand profoundly corrosive acidic properties.

Ventilation systems- Ensuring appropriate ventilation systems are another pivotal factor in tank design and security. Tank ventilation allows the tanks to breath as well as mitigates "harmful and possibly hazardous gases" from collecting in the tanks. Ventilation starts with master plan yet in addition requires worker review and upkeep, for example, searching for indications of damage or clearing trash that could block vents.

Secondary containment liners - Acid containment is absolutely critical. Disintegration is "especially common" in sulfuric acid storage tanks. Secondary containment liners help seal and ensure the metal, making an extra boundary to retaliate against such profoundly grating materials. This can help reduce wear, improve tank trustworthiness, and defend your facility from adverse tank failures.

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