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Underground Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Underground Storage Tank

Underground water storage systems are utilized for the storage of waste water, drinking water, and underground water. These storage systems give water capacity choices to distant regions that don't have a run of the mill utility help. As a rule, the water is stored in underground water tanks. These tanks are utilized as a different option in contrast to customary over the ground water tanks.

Acid Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Acid Storage Tank

The bulk storage of acids is a hazardous undertaking and is one reason why the industry has severe standards set up. Acid storage tanks are storage vessels for acids accessible in a few shapes, sizes, and colours. At the point when you start planning to install an acid storage tanks system, you should be appropriately planned, installed, and maintained to prevent any risks.

Pharmaceutical Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Pharmaceutical Storage Tank

Stainless steel is a popular choice in the pharmaceutical industry. Stainless steel is utilized in Pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing of tanks, pressure vessels; pipe fills in as well as additional perplexing parts like muscular inserts and hypodermic needles. Material utilized in the business needs to connect with corrosive chemicals, high temperature, high pressure.

Mixing Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Mixing Tank

A mixing tank is a container that is utilized to mix a few parts together. Numerous chemicals can't be stored together because of their response when mixed. By storing the chemicals in discrete compartments and joining them in a mixing tank when prepared to utilize, the manufacturer can purchase a lot of every fixing without fighting with perilous chemical responses. This establishes a more secure climate for labourers as well as cost investment funds for the manufacturer.

SS Cosmetics Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

SS Cosmetics Storage Tanks

Cosmetic products frequently contain the both oils and water, and customary involvement in food will let you know they don't blend, and assuming that they do, it isn't for a really long time. That is the reason homogenizing emulsion blenders are fundamental bits of stainless steel equipment for corrective manufacturers. These sorts of mixers might utilize one of numerous techniques, like single blending, double blending, and helical mixing to make a more permanent solution.

SS Liquid Mixing Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

SS Liquid Mixing Tank

Liquid mixing tanks relegated to liquid mixing just ordinarily have plumbing lines steered to and from the mixing tank. As fluid fixings are required, they are funnelled straightforwardly into the tank. As the liquids are mixed to the legitimate consistency, they are taken from the tank to the following station through a pipeline joined to the lower part of the tanks. A large number of these tanks are self-cleaning by piping new water in through a for all time joined pipe.

Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Storage Tank

Storage tanks permit a lot of material to be locally accessible right away. It would be illogical and problematic to the climate to construct direct pathways for a material to each ideal area. Moreover, it would be badly designed and inefficient to go to a far off area to recover material each time it is required. Installing storage tanks for normally involved substances in key or well known areas is a basic arrangement that satisfies most needs.

Pharmaceutical SS Storage Vessels Manufacturers in Chennai

Pharmaceutical SS Vessels Tank

Because of its non-permeable surface intending that assuming can be handily cleaned as well as its high corrosion resistance, even at raised pressures and temperatures, stainless steel is especially profitable for the pharmaceutical industry where severe cleanliness control is important. There are essentially four kinds of stainless steel utilized in drug hardware manufacturing: 304, 304L, 316 and 316L; the last option being the prevail metal utilized.

Commercial Kitchen Equipments Manufacturers in Chennai

Commercial Kitchen Equipments

Incredible food and speedy service can rapidly make an undertaking extremely famous with general public. Overhauling your commercial kitchen is an extraordinary method for drawing in additional clients. They will see your excitement for their eating experience and your obligation to taste and quality. Simultaneously, it will likewise exhibit your discipline and reality and your general obligation to the endeavour. It is cleanliness, hygiene, durability and flexibility.

SS Pressire Vessels Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

SS Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are designed to contain fluids or gases at high pressure values. Proper maintenance and taking care of make these stainless steel pressure vessels an expense effective decision. As known, corrosion is one of the major known reasons for crumbling of vessels or equipment in the process business. Be that as it may, stainless steel is made out of iron and least 10.5% chromium, which prevent corrosion. The presence of chromium likewise adds to oneself healing property of the steel.

Chemical Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Chemical Storage Tank

Bulk chemical storage tanks are undeniably something beyond a holder for huge volumes of polyol and iso. It's a finished material storage system designed to make your association's creation office more smoothed out, productive, maintainable, and cost-effective. As opposed to get more modest conveyances of material, mass chemical storage tanks permit associations to purchase material in mass and get essentially bigger shipments that they need to meet their creation objectives.

Stainless Steel Silos Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Stainless Steel Silos

Silos help with peopling store mass items in a solid and climate safeguarded design. They help with saving various materials for a large number of business areas, one of which is the food creation industry, which necessities to reserve a great deal of grains. Obviously, there are numerous ways of doing this; however utilizing a silo is the most ideal choice. Here are the upsides of involving silo for storing grain. You have some control over the quality of your grain considerably more actually assuming that you keep everything in one spot.

Diesel Storage Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Diesel Storage Tank

Diesel fuel storage tanks are sorts of modern storage tanks intended to store and oversee diesel fuel for truck stops, mass travel refuelling, army bases, public work tasks, and a scope of diesel reinforcement generators. Diesel fuel is routinely used to supply emergency power for commercial, industrial, clinical and instructive facilities. Diesel storage tanks are an essential part of any firm or processing plant.

Milk Processing Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Milk Processing Plant

The milk processing equipment normally comprises of milk tanks that are utilized to store a wide range of milk crude, skimmed or cream, pasteurizers where the microbes in the milk are killed and enzymatic action is decreased, separators which prevent the section of horrendous air after purification to guarantee item quality and homogenizers that work on the taste, surface and other properties of the milk.

Dairy Processing Tanks Manufacturers in Chennai

Dairy Process Tank

we offer a variety of custom and standard storage tanks planned explicitly with the nature of your dairy items at the top of the priority list. We can oblige an assortment of details, from your space necessities to your item's particular storage needs, and we will work with you to decide the best dairy processing equipment and installation solution for your eventual outcome. Milk is the protein food that generally devoured by individuals everywhere.

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Laksken Engineers is a headmost producer and provider for Storage Tanks, Storage Silos and Material Handling Equipment's. Every one of our products is utilized in assembling and designing enterprises and applications, where they have been acknowledged for their sound execution.

We actualize present day creation systems so as to achieve flawlessness in the structure of our products.

Every one of our products are made by utilizing best quality pitch, fiber glass, polypropylene sheet, HDPE, Spiral, and so forth., to guarantee their high utility and solidness.

Our Chemical Storage Tanks have a colossal interest in the market attributable to their solid chemical resistance, thick walls, zero breaks/gaps, uniform structure, and so forth.

To engage our generation capacity, we have built up our business arrangement in a completely industrialized area, outfitted with hello tech offices. Our generation unit is completely proficient in assembling imperfection free products in mass amounts and in a period bound way. We have an objective centered group of experts which works in a joint effort with time-to-time requests of customers to adequately meet the equivalent. Our colleagues are very experienced, persevering and committed to furnish our customers with products that produce an incentive for their project. Also, we have an efficient and wide system of dissemination to achieve each customer arranged at any edge of India and also worldwide.

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Acid Storage Tank

Most acid storage tanks holding acid are made of carbon steel or stainless steel because of their capacities to oppose the acid’s corrosive nature. Different elements that assume a part in material choice incorporate tank size, costs, wanted acid quality, acid fixation, and storage temperature. To guarantee you're picking awesome — and most secure — materials of construction, collaborate with a tank fabricator who comprehends which materials can best endure exceptionally destructive acidic properties.

Pharmaceutical Storage Tank

In the pharmaceutical industry, stainless steel of grade 316L has been generally utilized. In any case, over the most recent years, there have been changes in guidelines on a worldwide scale which has delivered an interest for stainless steel that is significantly more impervious to corrosion. The stainless steel series 304L and 316L has become famous in pharmaceutical applications in light of its high strength and corrosion obstruction as well as its affordability.

Mixing Tank

Mixing tanks are utilized in chemical cycle systems to combine different fluid parts as one to make new mixtures or items. These tanks ordinarily highlight separate contributions for every part, as well as result funneling to take care of the blend into the following period of the process system. At the point when you want a mix tank that productively blends powder, suspended solids, unsettles low or high shear, or delicately mix your items, we'll be there to help you in your preparation and estimating requirements.

SS Cosmetics Storage Tanks

Stainless steel is low maintenance and simple to clean. A speedy wipe with scouring liquor and a delicate cotton cushion can help maintain the respectability of your stainless steel excellence devices. Stainless steel can be utilized on all skin types without a response. You don't need to stress over skin sensitivities while utilizing our instruments.

Storage Tank

Storage tanks are generally utilized in the process industries to store fluids that are underneath their edge of boiling over at atmospheric temperature (a few tanks might be protected and they might have heating or cooling loops to maintain the temperature of the fluid that they are storing). Normally, tanks are either open to the climate or to a system, for example, a flare or vent header that is at atmospheric pressure. Not at all like pressure vessels, can’t storage tanks deal with either high pressure or vacuum conditions.

Pharmaceutical SS Vessels Tank

While stainless steel with a characteristic completion is unquestionably helpful for pharmaceutical applications, it is frequently desirable over electro polish the steel. Electro polishing stainless steel strips away its surface layers, eliminating small defects and leaving a minutely smooth completion. By electro polishing various kinds of stainless steel, it is feasible to additionally work on the steel's sterility and simplicity of sanitation.

SS Pressure Vessels

Stainless steel is a durable material, yet can be handily manufactured to wanted shapes. It permits machining to close resistances. Pressure vessel spillages are extremely perilous because of their stockpiling contents. Experienced fabricators like us generally play it safe to stay away from spillage by hydro testing each vessel. Likewise, the welding of stainless steel can be effectively streamlined by adding a solitary science filler all through the vessel.

Chemical Storage Tank

While designing details for a chemical storage tank, many specialists start with size necessities, tank materials, or a few different models. The absolute first thing we really want to know is what sort of chemical will be stored in the tank, and at what focus. This data drives all the other things we do in planning your storage solution. Everything about the tank, from the wall thickness to venting structures — even the shade of the tank — begins with understanding what chemical will be stored.

Stainless Steel Silos

Silos in stainless steel are one of the most aware solutions with the climate. Which will decrease your waste management costs? Silos with the greatest principles in design and manufacturing. We ensure that your silos will have wonderful gets done and welds. Staying away from releases, conceivable harm and contamination.

Diesel Storage Tank

Overall gas tanks expected for cultivating can be of a more modest limit like out 2,500 litre tank. Farmers genuinely should approach a dependable fuel source during top times of spring and summer specifically. Our tanks consider the protected storage of diesel permitting farmers to purchase in mass without storage issues, the gamble of burglary of the corruption that accompanies barrel storage.

Underground Storage Tank

Underground water storage tanks can proficiently deal with crisis circumstances like flames. Water in underground tanks is completely ok for drinking and irrigation. They likewise have various different purposes. The tanks are protected from vandalism. They need less space. They are eco-friendly too. They are safeguarded from any perilous circumstances brought about by a dangerous event like a tropical storm.



Industrial storage tanks are holders utilized for capacity of gas, oil, water, and petrochemical items, utilized for modern employments. Industrial storage tanks come in various sizes and shapes. They can be underground, horizontal, and vertical, and be produced using concrete, stone, and fiberglass, steel or plastic. Industrial storage tanks can be classified into a few sorts dependent on the substance they hold and some different factors.


• Industrial Fuel Storage Tanks
• Industrial Chemical Storage Tanks
• Industrial Oil Storage Tanks
• Industrial Hot Water Storage Tanks
• Industrial Water Storage Tanks
• Industrial Liquid Storage Tanks
• Industrial Plastic Storage Tanks
• Industrial Gas Storage Tanks


The advantages of Industrial storage tanks are:

• The tanks are wonderful to store organic examples for quite a while
• Erosion safe
• Durable
• Heat safeguarding method diminishes evaporation
• Defensive cover prevents knocks
• Matching lock cover secures the put away examples
• Recyclable
• Protected to utilize
• Resin rich surface
• Reliable
• Basic leg upholds


The essential distinction between these two is that pressure vessels contain liquids/gases at a tension over the atmospheric pressure. Then again, storage tanks store either fluids or gases at ordinary climatic strain. Pressure vessels have more tough necessities about security as they can be profoundly devastating. In examination, storage tanks' wellbeing plan prerequisites are not quite as severe as their partners.


Storage tanks and process tanks are universally useful industrial containers that can have numerous designs relying on dimensions, direction, position, and wall setup.

Storage tanks and interaction tanks are utilized in various applications including momentary capacity, long haul storage, blending, mixing, metering and dispensing. Materials of construction will direct the application that is reasonable for the tank.

Normal industries and applications that utilization storage tanks and process tanks include:

• Chemical processing
• Beauty care products processing
• Food and drink processing
• Oil and fuel processing
• Paper and pulp processing
• Pharmaceutical processing
• Plastic processing
• Power generation
• Energy processing
• Water applications


Storage tanks fill two significant needs. One is to give storage volume and the other is to give strain to the circulation framework. A specific tank can fill one or the two needs relying upon its area inside the framework and it’s kind of arrangement. There is an assortment of tank types or setups.