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May 25, 2021


Also known as compressed air storage tank or air compressor tank, an air receiver tank is a sort of pressure vessel, which gets air from the air compressor and holds it under pressure for upcoming usage. Similar to a water tank that gives water during seasons of dry time and stores water during the wet occasions, an air receiver tank makes up for top demand and aids to match compressor supply and system demand. It gives provisional storage to compacted air. Also it helps to run your compacted air system more proficiently.

An air receiver tank is an indispensable and significant piece of any compressed air system. The main tanks are situated close to the air compressor systems and work as a storage tank. The optional tanks are found farther from the compressor systems yet are still close sufficient to devices that need a lot of air. As a result of the immense pressure they contain, receiver tanks are worked to be incredibly solid and tough.

Air receiver tanks are intended to give a supply buffer to satisfy temporary need spikes that can surpass the compressor limit. They save you the issue of turning on the compressor system when air is required distinctly for a couple of moments. They are generally used to store the compressed air and keep up with the pressure according to uses. The size should be explicit to the necessities of the application. The volumes range of receiver tanks are from 30 – 8,000 gallons.


These tanks arrive in a scope of sizes and in both horizontal and vertical configurations. There are two kinds of compressed air storage - wet and dry. The tanks are something very similar; the dissimilarity is in the way they are installed. Nearly all applications need a blend of wet and dry storage for ideal proficiency and performance.

Wet storage tanks - These are situated before the air drying system. In this model, air flows by way of the tank, arriving through the base port from the air compressor and leaving out the top to the dryer. Wet storage boosts the productivity of air dryer by allowing plenty of water and lubricant to get together out of the air earlier than it hits the dryer.

Furthermore, wet storage tanks increase the life span of the pre-channel component, which is situated in the middle of the wet storage tank and the dryer. As the air going through the channel is cleaner and dryer than it would be straightforwardly out of the air blower, slugging of the channel with fluids is reduced, at the side of coming about pressure drop on the air dryer side of the system. As the air doesn't go through filtration prior to entering the tank the air compressor doesn't come across backpressure. This results a steadier pressure sign to the air compressor regulator.

Dry storage tanks – These tanks are situated subsequent to the air dryers to stock up compressed air that has previously been dried and filtered. It isn't important to stream the compressed air throughout the tank for dry storage. Dry compressed air is prepared to utilize directly out of the tank, so it is quickly accessible on at the time of a high-demand occasion.

Dry storage diminishes the weight on the air dryer all through the high sought after occasions. Devoid of a dry air tank, air from the wet tank will be obliged to go away all the way through the air dryer ahead of it is utilized. For the period of high demand, the dryer is in danger of becoming over-capacitated as the system attempts to draw air through at higher volumes than the dryer is appraised for. If the dryer can't stay aware of the interest, drying proficiency is decreased, possibly directing unnecessary water in the air lines.


• In a system of compressed air, a receiver tank advances the performance and efficiency of the system.
• The receiver tank works as a storage tank of compressed air for small, high-demand occasions.
• By allowing the air a chance to cool the receiver tank will facilitate eliminate water from the system.
• The receiver tank lessens beating in the system developed by a cyclic process downstream or a reciprocating compressor.
• It offers a stable air signal to air compressor controls.
• When utilized as a "wet tank," it performs as a subsidiary heat exchanger, enhancing effectiveness of the air dryer


Cycle count reduction - As described, the air receiver tank lessens cycle counts for the air compressor by evening out tops in compressed air requests. Lower cycle counts amount to bring down energy use and less wear and tear on other system parts, expanding the living of the air blower.

Dirt removal: Fragments can enter the airstream due to erosion inside the system, engine fumes from the air blower, or fragments in facility air. A significant number of these fragments will drop out of the air alongside condensate inside the air receiver tank. The surplus dirt is then purely depleted away with the fluids. Thus, the air entering the air dryer is both cleaner and drier than air straightforwardly from the air compressor.


Air receiver tanks are obligatory by law to have a valve for pressure relief and a pressure gauge. The relief valve should be place to 10% higher than the working pressure of the system. To take away water from the system it is also imperative to set up either a manual or mechanical drain on the receiver tank.

When contrasted with the complete expense of your compressed air system and related energy bills, an air receiver tank is comparatively a small investment. One time installed, it will keep going for a long time if maintained appropriately. Guaranteeing sufficient air storage limit will go far toward working on the proficiency and execution of your compressed air system. An expert in compressed air system can assist you with tracking down the precise storage volume and wet/dry proportion for your application and air use designs.

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