Cement storage silos are on-site capacity compartments that utilized for the capacity and dispersion of different types of cement mixtures. Spiral steel silos for cement storage arrive in an assortment of sizes, which makes them ideal for both large-scale and limited scope cement plants. As per distinctive genuine requirements, cement storage silo can be designed to be a lasting construction, or a versatile model. In the same way as other different kinds of steel silos, the cement storage silo is normally outfitted with blowers to remove the cement into a truck or different containers.

Note that the materials and the design of a cement silo will change, contingent upon the type of cement product that will be put away in the office. Not a wide range of building materials are helpful for keeping the entirety of the different parts that go into cement mixes from solidifying or absorbing moisture. For example, a silo that is organized to secure the uprightness of pop debris may not function also with lime. Alongside the elements of the solid, the setup of the cement silo will be marginally extraordinary for products that are distinguished as superior concrete or self-compacting concrete.


Utilizing superior materials- Flyer has a drawn out participation with Han-Steel. Han-Steel is the world's top metallurgical organization and is the fundamental steel provider to the Beijing Bird's Nest. High exceptional hot moved twofold galvanized coil are utilized in our silos. The material has the benefit of anticorrosion, air confirmation and attractive.

Short construction period- Contrasted with other type of silo. Lipp cement silo has the benefit of short development period. With similar tons, for instance, a cement silo with a limit of 1000 tons can be developed totally inside 5-7 days. With our expert equipment, the molding velocity can arrive at 3-5m each minute, which is extremely quick.

Saving assets

- The silo is light and there doesn't require an excessive amount of room between two cement silos. The tightest space can be 500mm. Both cement silos can work proficiently.

Uncontrollably scope of diameters- We have a table of various width for your decision, adaptable decisions on measurements are given in a scope of distances across from 3m to 28m, and a tallness of 35m in principle to satisfy different needs.

Advanced technology- Lipp silo twofold crease system is a trend setting technology in the silo business. Flyer Steel Silos are widely applied in NSP cement creation line just as its conclusion grinding station, and acquire an enormous market share. The equipment that Flyer utilizes is progressed than other steel silo manufacturer.

Exceptionally praise- Flyer steel stockpiling have a decent reputation among clients. We have worked more than 4000 steel silos in China cement industry.


The tallness and volume of cement storage silo shift as indicated by various capacity necessities. In true application, the cement storage silo can be organized to hold close to a couple of huge loads of dry cement production, or be designed to productively hold a few hundred tons. As a rule, cement storage silos with large size are can't be moved in light of perpetual constructions. Cement silos with lasting design are probably going to be found at solid plants, where the completed product is put away until it is the ideal opportunity for shipment. Many structure locales that use concrete in the development interaction select compact cement silos that can be moved around the site as the need emerges.

It is exceptionally regular for development companies to keep a few convenient cement silos accessible for various structure projects. These basic storage devices can for the most part be set up surprisingly fast, at that point destroyed once the undertaking is finished. The capacity standard of the portable cement silo is very simple, since the segments can be put away in a warehouse until the gadget is required at another structure site.

As a fundamental equipment of cement storage silos, blowers are vital for both the lasting and the portable cement silo. The blower makes it simpler to remove the product from the silo. Blowers are frequently determined by power, in spite of the fact that there are models that depend on propane or even fuel. Blower gear with the versatile silos sets aside almost no effort to set up, and can likewise be put away effectively when not being used.

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