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Metal and polyethylene Acid storage tank is perhaps the most fundamental types of equipments for capacity and transportation of acidic material, which ought to be planned and created in a totally standard way because of the destructiveness of these materials. Material utilized for the body, limit and by and large state of the tank are among the things to be considered during the time spent plan, creation and development of sulphuric Acid storage tank and hydrochloric Acid tank and other acidic materials. We make material storage tank, which offers tanks with metal bodies for this reason to expand its life and productivity. In the accompanying, we will give a far reaching guide including the sorts of Acid storage tanks, significant standards and guidelines in the plan, creation and assembling of hydrochloric Acid and sulphuric Acid tanks and other acidic materials, the cost of the Acid storage tank.


Acidic materials are broadly utilized in different enterprises and as a rule should be moved to various manufacturing plants or stored in big amounts in industrial conditions. Because of the extremely high danger of these substances coming into contact with the human body and their high destructive power, it is important to keep these synthetic compounds in tanks that are totally safe. Sulphuric acid storage tank and hydrochloric acid tank are two normal sorts of acid storage tanks that are created in various models. Acid storage tank is a tank made of erosion safe metal or polyethylene material, which gives the storage to maintenance and stores these materials and transport them over significant distances in a totally protected way. These tanks are planned and created as tanks introduced in a proper spot or versatile big haulers that are utilized in various conditions.


Acid storage tank is broadly utilized in different industries and as per the kind of acidic materials, their thickness, measure of acidic materials and natural conditions, the tank is planned and delivered in different sorts. In light of the overall state of acid storage tanks, they can be separated into the accompanying gatherings:

• Level acid storage tank
Vertical acid storage tank
• Pipe acid storage tank
• Cubic acid storage tank

Every one of the above models is altogether different as far as limit and limit. For instance, Level storage tanks with a limit of a few hundred thousand litres can be planned and constructed, and conversely, channel base storage tanks can be delivered up to a huge number of litres. Notwithstanding the division of metal acid storage tanks dependent on their appearance, as indicated by the sort of acidic material and the thickness of each, progressions are made in the plan of the acid storage tank.


We are probably the biggest maker of compound storage tanks, which completes the method involved with designing and delivering acid tanks as indicated by global norms. Because of the duration and higher productivity of sheet metal, we have chosen solid and sturdy metal bodies for the development of acid storage tank. All results of this assortment are created by the ideal natural conditions, fixation and kind of acidic substances and the measure of corrosive in each tank. To know the elements of every one of the steel acid storage tanks created by this gathering, the specialists are prepared to give the important exhortation prior to buying the acid storage tank.


Notwithstanding acidic metal tanks, polyethylene bodies can be utilized to store some acidic materials. Yet, as a rule, for a long time reasons, the metal tank of acid is more utilized and in industrial environments can be utilized securely, which are:

• Extremely high erosion obstruction
• No compound response with acidic substances
Long life and more execution
• Exceptionally high effect strength
• Simple and totally safe development over significant distances
• Airtight body because of high protection from destructive materials
• Can be planned and made in different even, vertical, channel and 3D square shapes


The cost of an acid storage tank relies upon different elements, and hence there is an extraordinary assortment in the cost of these tanks. Body material, thickness of sheets utilized in the body, tank capacity, appearance (level, vertical, channel and 3D shape) and fittings and subordinate elements for the tank are among the elements that decide the cost of the acid storage tank. It ought to likewise be noticed that relying upon whether the storage tank is non-covered or the storage tank is covered, the cost of the tank will change.


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