Storage in stainless steel silos is protected and empowers conservation of grain, flour, rapeseed, maize and different items. Silos are essentially utilized for long haul storage of grain, feed, wood pellets, milk (powder) and other mass items. Modern silos can likewise fill in as cushions at drying or sanitization plants. Intended for putting away powder items for the food industry, these silos come in two distinctive development choices: either with boards rushed from within or a huge one-piece structure welded from an external perspective. One-piece silos for open air use ensure high storage limit because of measurement and height, though silos made of boards are generally used to completely take advantage of the space accessible indoor. The two kinds are planned by the client's requirements, are made of stainless steel sheet and assurance extraordinary antistatic properties.


Flat-Bottom Silos - Silos with level bottoms are utilized to store materials for broadened timeframes. Frequently, they store grain, implying that you'll see them at breweries, feed mills, flourmills, and port facilities. While welded development is accessible, level base metal silos are generally fabricated utilizing carbon steel body sheets that are darted onto an edge made of primary steel stiffeners. This metal is typically hot-plunged stirred to shield it from the components.

Conical-Bottom Silos- These are typically utilized for temporaryStorage as they frequently hold more modest amounts than level base silos and can be raised on primary steel supports to allow access under, making stacking materials for transport simpler. Similar as level base silos, conical-bottommetal silos can be created utilizing sheets rushed to primary steel outlines. However, they are additionally regularly made utilizing welded development, which endures longer and produces a structure that is less inclined to meddle with material stream. Metal silos with conical bottoms should be exactly designed for the material they are intended to store in the eventhat stream is to be appropriately controlled.

Horizontal Silos- Like conical-bottomsilos, flat metal silos are most appropriate for transient storage. They are regularly used to total metal chips, cement, lime, debris, and other waste particulate gathered via air filtration systems. Horizontal silos are quite often made utilizing welded development and got done with tough paint. Arriving in a wide assortment of sizes, they can be intended to meet any preparation or space limitations, including those for inside spaces. This likewise makes release advantageous since gravity will accomplish crafted by hauling the put away material out of the silo by means of a chute or container.

Custom Silos - If you have a surprising material, explicit amounts, or prohibitive conditions, you'll be in an ideal situation with a custom metal silo, which means working with a custom metal fabricator who can assemble one for you.


Material sorts and accessibility of different prepares are extending and furnishing ventures and purchasers with more choices. As a feature of that development, ground breaking ventures are checking out the many advantages that stainless steels can give. Stainless steels enjoy the undeniable advantage of being financially accessible in various grades which makes them a sensible option in contrast to a portion of the more intriguing materials. The following are some extra advantages that may apply in your circumstance:

Durability- In a wide scope of uses treated steel is more impervious to erosion than standard carbon steel. This protection from consumption makes them profoundly solid which adds life span to their life expectancy. Impeccable is likewise significant in guaranteeing that the nature of the item you are putting away isn't compromised. In case your tanks are put away outside, impeccable can likewise assist you with trying not to climate gives that can happen when utilizing steel or plastic.

Low Temperature Applications - Carbon steel and duplex hardened steels will quite often become fragile as the temperature is decreased. They can break all of a sudden, here and there with calamitous outcomes. This is because of extending or swelling as in some plastic disappointments. Subsequently, compounds for low temperature administration should hold appropriate properties. Hardened steels, for example, 304 and 316 hold designing properties at cryogenic temperatures and can be delegated 'cryogenic prepares', they are generally utilized in artic areas and in the taking care of and Storage of fluid gases like nitrogen with temperatures at - 321°F (- 196°C)

Longevity- Stainless Steel keeps up with its properties over a wide scope of temperatures, especially at the lower temperature ranges. In addition it is less impacted by UV light which can harm coatings and painted surfaces. Assuming appropriately kept up with, stainless steel can last years longer than traditional carbon prepares.

Customization - Each industry has interesting prerequisites explicit to their applications and pure is a material that can be bowed, rolled and formed to fit those custom requirements. Tanks produced using stainless steels can be planned in a wide assortment of distances across, lengths and statures which gives you adaptability in plan.

Assuming sturdiness, life span and customization are required for your item stainless steels have numerous great attributes that shouldn't be disregarded.

There are likewise advantages in utilizing hardened steel silos for grain storage as opposed to putting away the grain in occupied ground surface. The principal advantage lies in the involved ground surface. This strategy requires less ground space, which is significant assuming space isn't accessible or then again on the off chance that its expense is high similar to at ports. Another advantage lies in the fact that it is so natural to save the ideal storage conditions for the grain, by controlling the temperature, bugs, form, birds, which in long haul storage spaces could bring about a significant financial misfortune.

The third advantage comprises of lower costs than that brought about from utilizing warehouses, which involves the computerization of the grain transport gear. The stacking too as the dumping can be totally computerized utilizing a SCADA system and at a lower cost. Another advantage is lower collecting costs since this component is planned explicitly for this reason and weighs under a storage space. At long last, it is more affordable in general, and this is most likely the principle advantage in contrast with grain warehouses.

Flyash Tank

Flyash Tank Silos Manufacturers in Chennai

Flyash silos utilizes the most advanced technology and is made of high-quality steel loops. It can meet the requirements of safe storage and economic utilization of fly ash. Flyash silos are intended to meet the client's requirements for execution, design and convenience. Likewise, fly debris storehouses can without much of a stretch pass on and measure fly debris.

It accompanies appropriate inner covering backing to give the most solid tanks. The benefits of fly debris steel storehouses provided by Flyer:
Expertise in offering right silo for right material storage and transfer needs.
Providing silo with complete underlying scaffolding steel and access stages.
Expertly designed with the most minimal expense.
Meeting clients' necessities for extraordinary execution and advantageous primary availability.

Cement Silos

Cement Silos Manufacturers in Chennai

The cement silo is a integral piece of equipment for any substantial creation activity. The silo permits the product to be purchased and stored in bulk, keeping costs to a minimum.

We will help you with assessing your specific requirements to guarantee that the cement silo most appropriate for you is chosen. Factors for silo choice incorporate loading site design, tallness limitations, accessible force source, and the need to move the silo to a substitute area.

A cement silo is the on location storage container that takes into account the capacity and circulation of various concrete blends. cement silo can arrive in a scope of sizes to fit the necessities of building locales. A silo could be an extremely durable construction holding many huge loads of concrete or a compact model to be migrated to various work destinations.

They are typically equipped with some sort of blower to remove the dry concrete into a truck or mixers.Large silo are bound to be found at substantial plants as long-lasting constructions , where completed item is put away until transportation. Notwithstanding, more modest compact silo are ideal everywhere building locales where they can be moved to any place work is being finished. By volume, cement is the most-utilized material on the planet.

Stainless Steel(SS) Silos

Stainless Steel Silos Manufacturers in Chennai

We offer a wide scope of storage silos and tanks produced using various sorts of stainless steel. We utilize stainless steel 304 (L) and 316 (L), duplex, very duplex, depending altogether upon the client's needs.

stainless steel is an exceptionally solid and support cordial material. Cleaning the silos is well conceivable with this material and it is profoundly impervious to different climate conditions and mechanical harm.

Stainless steel is famous in the dairy business generally because of its corrosion resistant properties. It contains chromium which fosters a defensive oxide covering on the outside of the metal.

This layer can get harmed if not kept up with appropriately. One of the manners in which the defensive oxide layer of stainless steel can get harmed is by coming into contact with customary carbon steel.

Storage Silos

Stainless Steel Storage Silos Manufacturers in Chennai

Silos are made of sheet metal, with an aroused covering. Also, in spite of the fact that it might appear to be something else, the expansion in temperature of the sheet because of the warmth of the sun is exceptionally shallow and doesn't influence the grain mass.

The temperature variety that influences the grain mass is brought about by the aging cycles, that is when there is a dampness center that starts to disintegrate the grain, and one of the outcomes is the temperature increase.

Consequently the significance of identifying moisture sources utilizing devices permits one to quantify the temperature inside the silos and set an alert when there is an increment in temperature in any of the focuses, showing that something significant is occurring inside.

When the dampness has been recognized, it is important to act, either by ventilating, in other words, putting air at medium pressing factor inside the silos ; or by recycling and moving the grain to somewhere else, which is a lot more secure.

Industrial Silos

Industrial Silos Manufacturers in Chennai

Our Industrial silos are specially crafted and designed for the storage of dry bulk products like cement, plastics, flour, sugar, tars, slag, fly debris, and lime, and liquid products like water, liquid compost and molasses.

All Industrial silos are specially crafted and come in sizes going from three feet in width to more than 14 feet in distance across
Manufactured from gentle or stainless steel
Avoided with single or twofold entryway access
I-Beam leg support
Base ring for uniform mounting on structure
Stub legs for mounting on pass through structure
Single and twofold divider split silos
Focus, side or offset draw cones with your decision of release size (flanged)
Level base
Tightened (more modest measurement at top, bigger width at base)

Concrete Mixing Silos

Concrete Mixing Silos Manufacturers in Chennai

Concrete silos offer the ideal answer for the costly and time-consuming for adding concrete to the substantial blend. A concrete silos empowers our clients to purchase their concrete powder in mass, store it and apportion when required.

This keeps our clients as adaptable as could be expected, as they aren't depending on conveyances or sitting tight for concrete packs to be painstakingly loaded and unloaded.

Our steel concrete silos are ideally suited for the capacity of concrete or PFA making it simpler than any time in recent memory to blend tremendous amounts of cement, mortar or grout in a short measure of time because of their ability of as much as 75 tons and drills for exact discharge.

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