A significant part of our milk storage tanks is the all stainless steel base in a novel and effective plan. Carbon steel storage tanks and bases are common among other milk storage tank manufacturers. Moving up to all stainless steel can be costly, but we provides benefits at a cost makes it a drawn out investment. How could you pick a stainless steel base over a customary carbon steel base? The following are a couple of reasons a stainless steel base may be ideal for you:

Better Safety from Corrosion

Stainless steel is famous in the dairy industry generally because of its corrosion safe properties. It contains chromium which fosters a defensive oxide covering on the outer layer of the metal. This layer can get harmed in the event that not maintained appropriately. One of the manners in which the defensive oxide layer of stainless steel can get harmed is by coming into contact with common carbon steel. Beside actual harm, erosion can likewise cause a disinfection risk with your dairy items. Picking a milk storage tank with a 100 percent stainless steel base is a positive direction.

More grounded Protection from Natural Forces

Your milk storage tank's openness to natural powers might assume a part in the choice to move up to a stainless steel base. In the event that your storage tank will be in a wet climate - like a locale with regular precipitation - then a carbon steel base will be additional inclined to corrosion from water. Carbon steel is likewise at a higher gamble of harm from air contamination. Assuming your milk storage tank is in a space that gets often wet or has high contamination it could merit moving up to our all stainless steel base for additional security.

Safety Element

Since stainless steel endures longer and opposes corrosion harm there is likewise an additional security factor. Wounds and passing’s coming about because of eroded structures are factual. Our choice to give a 100 percent stainless steel storage tank lines up with our manageability objectives and more critically our objective that your workers return home safe consistently.


Milk is moved starting with one holder then onto the next many times over the existence of its handling cycle. Each phase of handling implies danger regarding the quality of the milk and its openness to unsafe microbes. Buyers place a ton of confidence in dairy processors to convey an item that is healthy and solid. One of the vital stages to accomplishing these objectives is to plan equipment that can be handily cleaned and maintained in sterile condition.

Life span

Dairy cultivating includes huge ventures and a ton of tolerance prior to seeing profits from those speculations. It is vital that when a farmer or processor buys modern gear they believe that their buy will keep on working long after they have taken care of it. Stainless Steel is a material that can keep going for quite a long time if appropriately focused on and hence makes it important to all partners.


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