Stainless Steel Bulk Milk Cooler



In dairy developing a mass milk cooling tank is a colossal storing tank for cooling and holding milk at a crisp temperature until it might be gotten by a milk hauler. The mass milk cooling tank is a huge piece of dairy farm equipment. The mass milk cooling tank is a significant piece of dairy ranch hardware. It is generally made of tempered steel and utilized each day to store the crude milk on the ranch in great condition. It should be cleaned later each milk assortment. The milk cooling tank can be the property of the rancher or be leased from a dairy plant.

A milk cooling tank, in any case called a mass tank or milk cooler, contains an internal and an outer tank, both made of first class Stainless Steel. Nonexclusive temperature for milk stockpiling is 3 to 4ºc. It is normally made of tempered steel and utilized each day to store the crude milk on the homestead in great condition.


Mass Milk Coolers are the best machines for the improvement of milk quality. These mass milk coolers are comprehensively utilized in the bigger dairies, town cooperatives/milk cooperatives, milk assortment focuses, and farming industry for the capacity of milk. Mass milk cooling tanks are for presenting at town Dairy Cooperative Society which accumulates the milk reliably at the start of the day and evening from dairy creators. The Milk gathered is put away in the mass milk cooler and cooled from the extensive temperature to 4-degree centigrade inside 3 hours. The Bulk Milk cooling tank is primarily utilized in saving and putting away new crude milk. The cooled crude milk can reach quickly required a temperature of 4-5°C and maintain, which could forestall the age of microbes and keep crude milk in great condition.

Mass Milk Coolers, direct extension type, range 300 liters to 5000 liters. These Bulk Milk Coolers are intended for introducing at town Dairy Cooperative Society which gathers the milk both the occasions, in the first part of the day and evening from milk makers. These Bulk Milk Coolers are planned and created in line following with every one of the worldwide quality guidelines; these coolers are furnished with imported plate type evaporator for high hotness move. CFC free, these are exceptionally intended for taking care of two draining with ideal energy productivity.

To support the obligation to add up to quality, every one of the Bulk Milk Coolers have been created to adjust to ISO 5708-2A II – is the most recent form with not over 3 hours of cooling time from 35 to 4 Degree C for first draining, from 19.5 to 4 degree C for second draining and not more than 1.5 hours for a draining for example from 10 to 4 degree Centigrade. Though the tank has been made of AISI 304 SS with satisfactory thickness to ensure solidness, vigor, and versatility, due care has been taken while choosing the Compressor, consolidating unit, instigator engine and different parts to offer difficulty free support to the clients.

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